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Greenwich Quality Leader

Quality Leader
We are proud to announce that ACG has again been named a Greenwich Quality Leader - recognized for our investment consulting capabilities. This award is based on a number of factors and a culmination of extensive nationwide interviews with institutional investors. We are grateful to have been given this honor and we appreciate the opportunity to partner with our clients as their trusted advisor.

Methodology and Disclosure:  Between February and November of 2022, Coalition Greenwich (previously known as Greenwich Associates), conducted in-person and phone interviews and online surveys with 727 professionals at 590 of the largest tax-exempt funds in the United States, including corporate and union funds, public funds, endowments and foundations, insurance general accounts, and healthcare organizations, with either pension or investment pool assets greater than $150 million. Study participants were asked to provide quantitative and qualitative evaluations of their asset managers and investment consultants, including qualitative assessments of those firms soliciting their business and detailed information on important market trends. ACG is one of four firms recognized in the mid-size investment consultant category. The ratings may not be representative of any one client’s experience with ACG; rather they are representative of those clients that chose to participate in the survey. The results are not indicative of ACG’s future performance.  ACG does not pay to have its clients participate in the study.


Experienced Leadership

Our experience as investment consultants dates back to 1975, when our founding principals established one of the first institutional consulting practices in the country. Generations later, our practice has grown and now spans a diversified and nationwide client base.

At ACG, our success and longevity are a result of the depth and stability of our team, our accuracy and innovation, our expert research, and the custom solutions we provide to our clients.


Our Team

Our team members consistently provide a wide range of knowledge and experience, spanning a broad range of the investment realm.


We advise to over 150 billion dollars in client assets. Our structure combines the resources of a large organization with the flexibility you would expect from a smaller firm.


Our Managing Directors have worked together at ACG for an average of 22 years, providing both consistency and continuity in our approach and process.


Our senior investment professionals are highly credentialed in many disciplines including: investment management, securities trading, custody, real estate, mortgage banking and public accounting. Our team-oriented approach brings the depth of necessary resources to each individual relationship, and our clients have confidence that our recommendations are based upon significant research and experience.

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We provide comprehensive investment counsel and a full scope of investment consulting services.

  • Investment Policy
  • Custodian Bank
    Selection & Review
  • Investment Manager
    Search & Selection
  • Ongoing Manager
    Due Diligence
  • Asset Allocation
  • Portfolio Implementation
  • Investment Performance
    Reporting & Monitoring
  • Ongoing Portfolio Oversight
  • Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Risk Management
  • Fee Negotiation
  • Client Education
  • Impact Investing
  • Special Projects

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We are a research-driven firm. We believe in encouraging total collaboration and cross-fertilization amongst our team members, and that each client should have the advantage of the entire ACG team’s thinking.

Is Cash King?

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates 5.25% over the last two years – an abrupt shift from previous zero-interest rate policy. Yields above 5% have attracted investors to money market funds as total assets grew ~20% in 2023 to more than $6 trillion. While holding more cash may help ease investors’ concerns around short-term volatility, holding too much cash may actually increase the probability that a portfolio falls short of its long-term goals and objectives.

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Japan - Can the Recent Equity Rally Continue?

Japan has been a tough market for investors – with uneven historic GDP growth, deflation and low corporate productivity. Prior government policies (Abenomics) and recent initiatives by the exchanges are starting to show tangible progress. Given the strong performance in 2023, how should investors think about Japanese stocks going forward?

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Is China’s Manufacturing Dominance Coming to an End?

Over the last few decades, China has achieved its longstanding goal of becoming the “world’s factory” with key drivers such as low labor costs and rapid supply chain infrastructure development.  However, government policy, and rising geopolitical tensions pose potential headwinds to China’s manufacturing dominance. ACG discusses what led to China’s dominance, what has changed, potential beneficiaries, unintended consequences, and investment implications.

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